i-D: ‘Should the fashion industry be taking more of a stand against Donald Trump?’

A think piece that I wrote for i-D on a broadly similar subject to the Protein piece below – this though is a much more personal, op-ed type affair. My relationship with (the) fashion (industry) has always been a muddled one – trying to square the scope for self expression and subculture signifiers that I really connected with, with its less savoury elements. These things have been on my mind more and more given everything else going on in the world recently.

(Shoutout to the i-D sub-editors once again for the bombastic, clickbait-tastic title)

Read the piece here.

Protein: ‘Fashion’s Place in Political Protest’

I wrote a piece for Protein about some of the different ways that fashion brands are responding to (or failing to respond to) the political issues their customers increasingly care about. It explores the role of political sloganeering on the runway, the idea of escapism as a safe respite from everyday realities and the importance of getting one’s own house in order…

Read the feature here.

Vice: ‘Between Worlds’

I wrote a piece about the use of field recordings in some of the best electronic releases from the past year (thinly veiled way of talking about how much better things turn out when we build bridges between different communities, at a time when so many people in power seem intent on doing the opposite…).

Also meant I had the pleasure of interviewing George Thompson A.K.A. Black Merlin, Nabihah Iqbal A.K.A. Throwing Shade and my good friend Dan Mitchell, who runs Island Of The Gods Recordings.

You can read the feature here.

Freunde Von Freunden: Hostem feature

FvF snuck this out over Christmas when I was preoccupied with the beaches of Bali… I chatted with James Brown, the owner of Hostem who I’ve known for some years now, and John Alexander Skelton, the current darling of new menswear designers who I’ve known for many, many more years than that. It was a great chance to go beyond the usual cliches most profiles of ‘concept stores’ get bogged down in and chat about the great community Hostem is fostering under the radar.

Read the feature here.

Medium: ‘Love Saves The Day: A roundup of published highlights from 2016’

As is no doubt apparent from a cursory scroll through my site, things got rather hectic in the latter months of 2016… I was lucky enough to be overwhelmed with stimulating work for both incredible brands and some of my favourite publications. Rather than flood this section of my site with everything I published I thought I decided – in keeping with the general flood of listicles at this time of year – to do a general roundup of the pieces that I’m most proud of from the past 12 months.

You can read that roundup here, featuring work seen in i-D magazine, Vice, Freunde Von Freunden and Protein.

2016 was my first year of writing full time for a living – I’m frequently overflowing with words but will never have enough to convey my thanks to everyone who played a part in making it possible.