Der Tagesspiegel: Why Do Millennials Love Festivals?

I was asked to write an op-ed piece for publication in the German daily newspaper, Der Tagesspiegel. The brief related to festivals and the question of ‘why millennials love them so much’… naturally I wrote about J. G. Ballard, neoloiberalism and streetwear (amongst other things) as per usual…

I don’t believe it exists online, but if you’re desperate to read it for some reason of course just get in touch…

Dita: Andra Matin Interview

“So I peeked through and that’s when I saw the shadows underneath, and felt the breeze from the gaps. I think that was my very first encounter with architecture…”

Was great to have the opportunity to interview the great Andra Matin, an architect I’ve admired for a while now. Also really admire the way Dita are building themselves a genuinely enjoyable editorial platform – no shoehorned brand stuff, just thoughtful, resonant words and pictures. Pleasure to be a part of it!

Read the interview here.

Freunde von Freunden: Vicky Grout feature

It always feels like an age between Freunde Von Freunden pieces, but when the stars do align in a way that makes them possible they’re always such a treat. For my latest contribution, I was lucky enough to interview the grime photographer Vicky Grout.

 She’s made such an incredible impact on that scene, despite being barely out of her teens – as someone in the twilight of my twenties, it really hit home just how long ago it was that I was listening to grime sets as a teenager and it was so great to get some insights into a music scene that I’ve loved to varying degrees over the last decade or so.

 As ever with Freunde von Freunden, I also had the space to explore exactly what makes the grime scene so special in a general sense – can’t wait to see where my next FvF commission takes me (whenever that might be!).

 Read the feature here.

Mr Porter Editorial Round-Up

I’m writing fairly regularly these days for the editorial side of Mr Porter. I’m lucky to have a great editor there who indulges (for the most part!) the idiosyncratic way I connect the dots between my disparate pop culture loves.

What that means is Mr Porter get some features that hopefully go a little beyond the usual ‘five ways to properly knot your tie’ fare, and I get to wax lyrical about Thomas Pynchon, Wu-Tang Clan, contemporary architecture, metaphysical sci-fi and so on… provided their sub-editor can come up with a vaguely click-worthy headline to tie everything together.

Below are some recent pieces I’ve written for Mr Porter.

 The Unexpected Legacy of Kurt Cobain

 Five Dystopian Books Every Man Everyone Should Read

 How Stussy Made (and Broke) The Streetwear Mould

 Five Films Every Star Wars Fan Should See

i-D: ‘Should the fashion industry be taking more of a stand against Donald Trump?’

A think piece that I wrote for i-D on a broadly similar subject to the Protein piece below – this though is a much more personal, op-ed type affair. My relationship with (the) fashion (industry) has always been a muddled one – trying to square the scope for self expression and subculture signifiers that I really connected with, with its less savoury elements. These things have been on my mind more and more given everything else going on in the world recently.

(Shoutout to the i-D sub-editors once again for the bombastic, clickbait-tastic title)

Read the piece here.

Protein: ‘Fashion’s Place in Political Protest’

I wrote a piece for Protein about some of the different ways that fashion brands are responding to (or failing to respond to) the political issues their customers increasingly care about. It explores the role of political sloganeering on the runway, the idea of escapism as a safe respite from everyday realities and the importance of getting one’s own house in order…

Read the feature here.