Leisure Center: Launch Comms

It was a pleasure to help Leisure Center – an ambitious new retail concept based in Vancouver – express their ambitions and values in words, in advance of their launch towards the end of last year. Really excited to see how far these guys manage to push things, knowing the talent involved.

(A pleasure too to work with some familiar faces from my LN-CC days!)

Freunde von Freunden: Snarkitecture

A hastily-arranged, late-Friday-night Skype call gave me the opportunity to interview the founders of Snarkitecture, the buzzy New York firm that floats between the worlds of art and architecture.

Though I wish there’d been more time to delve into the subjects we covered, it was nevertheless interesting to hear their views on the digital vs the tangible, and the role that distinctive branding plays in their practice.

Read the full feature on Freunde von Freunden here.

Sonos: Ralph Steadman On Music

I spent an incredible day, courtesy of Sonos and Freunde von Freunden at the Kentish home of Ralph Steadman – the iconic artist responsible for bringing to life the works of his dear friend Hunter S Thompson.

I’m incredibly excited to see the full feature go live on FvF in the coming weeks, but for now here is a teaser of sorts, in the form of a music-centric Q and A on the Sonos blog.

Read the Q and A here.

Blyszak: New Brand Comms

I’ve only ever bought one pair of sunglasses and it was a pair of Blyszak ones – crafted from metal and sustainable buffalo horn into a silhouette that’s strikingly different from all those ray-ban/moscot-alikes that more sensible gentlemen than myself wear with their oxford shirts and Japanese denim.

It was a pleasure then to be asked to come up with some new words that really capture the essence of what makes the brand so special.

You can find the new ‘manifesto’ and tagline on the Blyszak website and, increasingly, at point of sales in some of the world’s most exciting stores.

Der Tagesspiegel: Why Do Millennials Love Festivals?

I was asked to write an op-ed piece for publication in the German daily newspaper, Der Tagesspiegel. The brief related to festivals and the question of ‘why millennials love them so much’… naturally I wrote about J. G. Ballard, neoloiberalism and streetwear (amongst other things) as per usual…

I don’t believe it exists online, but if you’re desperate to read it for some reason of course just get in touch…