Client Work

Sky Atlantic: creative concept development

The really wonderful (and uniquely admirable) agency Livity gave me a great opportunity at the beginning of the year to help them at concept stage for a ‘non-traditional’ campaign that Sky Atlantic had commissioned them to create for their new flagship drama, Gangs of London. I was tasked with coming up with disruptive, scalable and mixed-media ideas that might catch the public’s eye and imagination in ways that Sky’s usual billboards and trailers might not.

It was great to experience a role that I normally perform adjacent to/in collaboration with, particularly on something so high-profile (the show is directed by Gareth Edwards who made the superlative action movie, The Raid; it stars about half the cast of the Game of Thrones and one of the leads from Peaky Blinders). The timelines were slightly cramped and it was a bit of a tricksy show to deal with (how do you bring a show’s USP into an everyday setting when that USP is essentially ultraviolence?) but James at Livity did an incredible job bringing it all together and pushing some of my ideas into a better, more presentable place!

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