Client Work

Converse: editorial strategy

Update: while originally tasked with delivering a new editorial strategy for Converse London, the strategy we proposed has since been adopted for Converse’s global social media accounts.

As with Livity (see previous post), Anyways and I have been trying to work with each other for a good while now. Just as 2019 was entering its endgame, our calendars, emails and geographies finally aligned and I came on board to do some editorial strategy for the Converse London concept that Anyways had established for the shoe brand a few months earlier.

What a joy it was! As you’d no doubt expect from the sister agency of It’s Nice That. I’ve been blessed to work with numerous agencies stuffed full of great people, but I don’t think I’ve ever worked anywhere that has made me feel so immediately at ease and inspired all at once.

Anyway(s): It’s always a little hard to gauge the ROI on top-level stuff like this, but certainly the Converse London Instagram channel, through which all of the activity is activated and housed, has exploded since we finished the project. When we began in December, it was hovering around 9,000 followers, about nine months on from launch – by the end of January, it had 14.6K followers.

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