Client Work

Evolve: Mount Juliet rebranding

Earlier this year I started working with the great branding agency Evolve on various rebranding briefs for luxury hotels around the world. Mount Juliet is one such client: a beautiful five-star Irish estate with ambitions to offer something beyond the luxury golfing holidays that have become its bread and butter.

As with all the briefs I get from Evolve, I was given the freedom to push things in a more creative direction than I normally do in this type of work.

At the risk of sounding immodest (though as a self-employed millennial living in the shadow of neoliberalism and all the intense pressures to be ‘entrepreneurial’ that brings, I feel like I get a free pass), the feedback I received included the following:

“the work you did on Mt Juliet, once again it’s taken it to the next level – think there was a few teary eyes once we had finished reading it – not easy to get under the skin of board level directors in that way so really credit to you for helping us elicit that emotional response.”

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