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BEINGHUNTED 002: Editor-In-Chief

Was a tremendous honour to take on the role of ‘editor-in-chief’ for the second issue of BEINGHUNTED magazine – even if the grandiose title doesn’t naturally sit comfortably with me! The project coincided with a very difficult time for my family, so I’m tremendously grateful to Jörg (aka Mr. BEINGHUNTED) for not only the opportunity but his patience as well.

I contributed the cover story – an interview with/feature on the Pritzker-winning Chinese architect Wang Shu, and one of the editorial pieces I’ve been most proud of over the past year or so (not that I have time to do as many as I like these days, sadly).

The issue also contains a condensed version of the catalogue I wrote for a GORE-TEX  exhibition that launched during Paris Fashion Week in January, and an ‘in-conversation with’-type piece on the nature of artistic collectives in today’s globalised world.

If you feel like spending 15 quid or so on a print magazine you can do that here! Or find it in various trendy magazine/fashion type places around the world.


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