She Kept Things Happen In A Silent Way I’m Better Like This In A Silent Way

I found this mix the other day that i must have made a year or so ago on my slightly beat up pair of 1210s. It’s broadly ambient and abstract and a little bit noisy in places but occasionally actual songs bubble to the surface and I still like it, which rarely applies to anything i do after similar amounts of time have passed.

I make these sort of things to justify the amount i spend on records and to keep me sane on commutes.

You can download the mix here.


waters above the firmament – clay rendering (hospital productions, 2014)
donato dozzy – terzo giorno (stroboscopic artefacts, 2014)
alone on the beach (beach mix) – ron morelli (hospital productions, 2014)
i walked home beholding – mount eerie (p.w. elverum & sun, ltd., 2012)
yonder – cave slave (LN-CC recordings, 2012)
the mirror reflecting pt. 2 – the haxan cloak (tri angle, 2013)
eight methods – killing sound (blackest ever black, 2014)
a change of attitude – dalhous (blackest ever black, 2014)
less – nils frahm (erased tapes, 2011)
please remember – deafheaven (deathwish inc., 2013)
[can’t remember which track] – shampoo boy (blackest ever black, 2013)
sorrow – life without buildings (tugboat records, 2000)


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