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Discarded Sleeping Stations – George Hields (hostem, 2015)

My dear friend George recently had his Discarded Sleeping Stations photo series published by hostem, who i worked with when they were launching womenswear for the first time a couple of years ago.

It’s difficult to describe how happy it makes me feel when i think about this, without trying to sum up ten years of always fluctuating but always heartfelt friendship. George is one of the truest creative spirits i’ve ever met: relentlessly busy with his art, music and whatever else he turns his hand to. I feel honoured to have played a small part in the project, helping George to articulate the influences and ideas that went into its creation for the foreward.

If it’s not sold out of its limited run yet then i sincerely urge you to head to Hostem – it’s as beautifully put together as everything else in the place.

You can read more about discarded sleeping stations over at hungertv.




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